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Which makes you fat faster? Whole Wheat Bread or White Sugar?
Which makes you fat faster? Whole Wheat Bread or White Sugar?
Which makes you fat faster? Whole Wheat Bread or White Sugar?
People are usually shocked to discover that whole wheat bread increases blood sugar to a higher level than sucrose, but it's a fact:

Wheat bread has a glycemic index of 72, while table sugar has a glycemic index of 59.

This may astonish you, but it's true. Wheat — even "healthy" whole grain wheat — has addictive qualities that push your appetite "buttons." Wheat puts you in a vicious cycle that increases appetite and the impulse to eat more and more.

When you eliminate wheat, an amazing thing happens: Addictive behavior ENDS. The triggers to overeat STOP. You forge a NEW relationship with food.

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Over the past 50 years, wheat has been genetically altered by Big Food companies. The reason is simple: Genetically altered wheat means bigger yields and bigger profits for Big Food companies.

That’s good for them but bad for you, because along the way, "modern" wheat developed a biochemical makeup that turns the human body into a metabolic mess.

"Modern" wheat causes weight gain. Diabetes. Faster aging. High blood pressure. Even headaches, rashes, adult acne, and weak bones.
Rapid weight loss breakthrough Rapid weight loss breakthrough
It may take the general public a bit of time to
catch up with the news, but you can learn it now:

More and more new evidence shows
that wheat is the biggest culprit behind
obesity in America.

Researchers from prestigious universities and hospitals asked the question "What happens when people restrict or eliminate wheat from their diet?" The answer is here, in this sample of startling, leading-edge findings from top doctors, nutritionists, and researchers:
Rapid weight loss breakthrough
From Duke University: Belly fat was reduced by over 5 inches and weight dropped 24.5 pounds.
  From Temple University: A 75% improvement in insulin response was reported.  
  From the Mayo Clinic: Patients lost 27.5 pounds on a wheat-free diet without counting calories.  
  From Columbia University: Wheat elimination cut the frequency of obesity in half. CLICK FOR MORE  
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On the Wheat Belly diet, you emerge as the new, vibrant, slim, healthy person you've always dreamed about.

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